What Do U Want C Scott Cover

Christian Scott - What Do U Want C Scott

Release date - 10/18/2012

Soulgasm Music proudly welcomes New York’s own Christian Scott for his first EP with us, entitled 'What Do U Want C Scott'. Featuring five mixes of certified deepness, this EP is a must-have for certified House-heads. Check the Deep Tech Mix for some drive or the Stripped Mix if you’d rather lay back in the cut for a groove workout.

Ghosts of Zanzibar Cover

Alias Rhythm - Ghosts of Zanzibar

Release date - 06/19/2012

Alias Rhythm goes extra deep with this ode to the former Newark-based nighclub Zanzibar. Over a delicious moving synth arrangement and groovy drums, Alias Rhythm takes us on a mysterious ride to where it all started. There may or may not still be ghosts there, dancing the night away...

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Escape From New York EP Cover

The Wizard Brian Coxx - Escape From New York EP

Release date - 06/05/2012

The Wizard strikes back with his latest EP, 'Escape From New York'. This three-track monster tells quite a tale, with old-school tribute 'Paradise' serving as the genesis point. Continuing the journey, we reach 'The Legend of Locust', a deep & vibrant transition piece. The EP culminates in its final resting place, 'Japan', a reflective look at the odyssey that was experienced.

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The Deeper I Go Cover

The Wizard Brian Coxx & Roland Clark - The Deeper I Go

Release date - 01/31/2012

Once again, Soulgasm Music goes deep! The Wizard Brian Coxx comes together with the Voice of House, AKA the legendary Roland Clark to take you on a serious journey. The always-on-point Mr. V provides a banger of a remix, while The Wizard takes you even deeper on his Wizard Goes Deep Mix. Rounding it out, talented up-and-comers HellenBach provide a Rhodes-tinged House epic. Deep...

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Rebound Part 2 Cover

The Wizard Brian Coxx & Alias Rhythm feat. Sandy Spady - Rebound Part 2

Release date - 08/09/2011

Our man Alias Rhythm takes Sandy Spady's superb vocal on "Rebound" for another spin. Featuring big synths and heavy drums coupled with his signature swing groove, Alias Rhythm takes it to an even more ethereal place than the Original Mix. This one's definitely for those who like their beats big & heavy!

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Rebound Cover

The Wizard Brian Coxx & Alias Rhythm feat. Sandy Spady - Rebound

Release date - 07/26/2011

After taking a brief winter hiatus, Soulgasm Music partners-in-crime The Wizard Brian Coxx and Alias Rhythm decided to sit in the studio and combine their sounds a bit. The result? "Rebound", a track that mixes Brian's deep and steady synths and bass with Alias' pumping drums and energy. Add vocals from Soulgasm Music's resident songstress Sandy Spady, and you've got magic! For the deeper heads, we've included "The Wizard Brian Coxx Breakdown Dub", where groove is the first order of business... just be ready for the Breakdown!!

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Chills Cover

HellenBach feat. Sylvia Simone - Chills

Release date - 12/08/2010

This time we take it back to New Jersey with HellenBach and their hypnotic anthem 'Chills'. Soulgasm Music welcomes singer Sylvia Simone with open arms, as she lets her voice take you on a smooth and sexy journey into the depths of what love is and the magic that it can be. If this future-star doesn't make you feel the fire, then check your pulse! The Wizard Brian Coxx also returns to take it to another level with two monster remixes sure to heat up the clubs this winter!

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What Have You Done For House Cover

"The Wizard" Brian Coxx feat. Ladybird - What Have You Done For House?

Release date - 11/24/2010

Are you ready for a true soulgasm... an orgasm for your mind, body and soul? It all starts now with Soulgasm Music's latest release What Have You Done For House?, a true and sincere calling out to all of those who are living this music and making their contribution to keep the sound authentic. The Wizard Brian Coxx's bangin' beats combined with Ladybird's seductive voice will hopefully help you answer this simple question: What have you done for House? If for any reason you're still not sure, then Alias Rhythm's remix should make it fully clear... like this!

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Nawe Cover

Djeff & Silyvi - Nawe

Release date - 10/12/2010

Live and direct from the West Coast of Africa, Soulgasm Music presents the label debut of the dynamic up-and-coming Angolan duo Djeff & Silyvi. Featuring the sultry vocals of African native Mili, 'Nawe' is an expressive and passionate jam that reaches deep, backed by tribal drums and organic sonics. Filling out remix duties are the ever-present resident "Wizard" Brian Coxx who brings a more dancefloor-friendly, yet equally deep take on the exotic vocal, and Mr. Libation himself, Ian Friday, a true master of House, bringing four emotion-inducing journeys, complete with a nearly drum-less "TP Ambient Mix".

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Everything Cover

HellenBach - Hardbody

Release date - 8/3/2010

This time around we take it to the Garden State, where Deep House thrives... New Jersey's own HellenBach presents 'Hardbody'. Going out to all the true House heads from Newark to Nigeria, 'Hardbody' is a soulful relentless groove that will without a doubt take you on a trip deep into the essence of what Soulgasm is. "The Wizard" Brian Coxx remix takes you even deeper into the realm and the legendary Harry "Choo Choo" Romero provides a mix that takes you to big room heaven! Get pumped!

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Everything Cover

The Wizard Brian Coxx feat. Manchildblack - Swagga

Release date - 5/25/2010

Live from the streets and underground house parties of NYC comes the official Dancer's Anthem for 2010! The Wizard Brian Coxx is proud to present 'Swagga', featuring the flamboyant and charismatic talent Manchildblack. To all the dancers and party people that have given so much and inspired the whole movement that is SOULGASM: this is your soundtrack... many thanks and much respect. Circle up!

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Everything Cover

The Wizard Brian Coxx feat. Sandy Spady - Everything

Release Date: 04/06/2010

Fresh on the heels of his slammin' collaboration with Strictly Rhythm's Yasmeen on 'Gone', The Wizard Brian Coxx returns with a brand new banger on his newly-formed label Soulgasm Music, entitled 'Everything'. Featuring the talented Sandy Spady on vocals, 'Everything' is a spacey and deep journey to the dancefloor as only The Wizard Brian Coxx can do it! Don't miss the firing, heavy-handed Remix by Alias Rhythm, and the techy and emotional 'Deep Dub'.

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