Djeff and Silyvi

Djeff & Silyvi

The duo of Djeff & Silyvi began working together in 2009, somehwat by accident. While each working on their own albums and fostering solo careers as DJs and Producers, they crossed paths at a club in Angola and began talking about music. Discovering similar influences, Djeff asked Silyvi if he'd like to remix one of the songs he'd been working on for his solo album.

During the exchange of the files for the song, Silyvi showed Djeff a new track that he'd been working on. Without hesitation, and rather excitedly, Djeff begins firing off ideas for the track. Silyvi loved his ideas, and that same afternoon they finished the track, which became the song "Canjika" released by Pandora Records / Portugal.

So excited by the chemistry of the collaboration, they put two and two together, and decided to make a single album as a duo, instead of two solo albums as individuals! Immediately, the ideas began flowing out, and songs were born inspired by the magical continent of Africa.

After less than a year together, Djeff & Silyvi have signed an EP to Anane's Nulu Records, as well as a single titled "Nawe" to the renowned "The Wizard" Brian Coxx's label Soulgasm Music. And they show no signs of slowing down any time soon...